Analysing the materiality of your CSR issues - Gen'éthic

Analysing the materiality of your CSR issues

By confronting the materiality matrix and Gen’éthic diagnosis, we will help you to provide clarity and transparency, anticipation, and coherence between actions and communication, so as to gain credibility with investors and clients, while fighting against greenwashing.

Materiality analysis is one of the foundations of every CSR effort. It means taking into consideration stakeholders’ expectations and the intern vision of the CSR impact over the firm’s performances. We will be there to :

  • identify your social, environmental and economic issues according to your industry, your size, your past, and so on...
  • identify your stakeholders and map them
  • transpose the essential standards such as the SDOs or the ISO 26000 standard to your case

Presented in the form of a matrix that takes into account the importance of the issues for internal and external stakeholders, it will make it possible to :

  • define the most important issues for you
  • facilitate communication on your csr strategy with your stakeholders to optimize your approach
  • to have more easily in mind the most important CSR issues when you think about your business strategy

In order to elaborate the materiality analysis, we analyse in a first time the CSR reports of your industry and your concurrents, or intern and extern stakeholder surveys, then we identify the firm’s weaknesses and the new issues.

Defining the purpose of your organization - Gen'éthic

Defining the purpose of your organization

The purpose is also part of your firm’s DNA, that is why Gen’éthic is there to help you to formulate it.

Defining the purpose of one’s organization or one’s firm is basically asking oneself the question of the “why” (why do we exist? what do we bring to the world? in which ways would the world be different without us?). At the end of the day, the purpose is the contribution the firm wants to bring to the social, economic and environmental issues of its industry. And Gen’éthic will be there to help you to identify it.

Once defined, it will enable employees to be involved in the company and in the approach, and to define a long-term vision, a CSR course.

We accompany you to:

  • advice the leaders when they choose a level of ambition
  • allow all the stakeholder to participate in this step that matters for everyone
  • find appropriate and striking words for your purpose
Raising the awareness of your employees - Gen'éthic

Raising the awareness of your employees

To prevent the CSR project from causing tensions since it is imposed by the management to the collaborators, it is important to integrate the later to its creation.

A CSR approach that works is based on involved staff. For that, nothing is better than raising awareness inside the organization, that is why we can give you advice on fun and easy to implement workshops.

We also have the ambition to train your collaborators in order for them to act concretely as part of their job, so as to the approach can pay off. The training courses can occur at the level of:

  • the global strategy
  • the job in particular
  • everyday actions

A tool for monitoring the approach allows to raise the awareness of your employees about it, in a completely transparent and gratifying way, that is why Gen’éthic is a really adapted tool.

We can for instance offer you workshops to initiate dialogue, or consensus conferences in order to co-construct win-win solutions.

Deploy your CSR strategy - Gen'éthic

Deploy your CSR strategy

Defining one’s CSR strategy is asserting a positioning that will make the difference, be an economic lever, enable to reduce risks and fit in tomorrow’s world.

Once you have identified all the issues at stake, you only have to define clearly your goals and the CSR strategy that you want to follow, and that would be in adequation with ISO 26000 criteria, that are a true reference in the area. Based on the material analysis, we help us to:

  • detect weak signals from the sector
  • formalize you strategy while defining the main axes
  • define your ambitions and you intermediary goals in each one of those axes
  • construct a multi-year action plan, for instance with the improvement you want to see in your DNA (which KPIs, which domains/ subdomains in priority)
  • make your collaborators’ voices count in the creation of this strategy
  • integrate CSR pertinently and progressively into the company's global strategy and business lines
  • integrate the purpose of the firm in the creation of the CSR policy
  • communicate on your social responsibility thanks to our transparency tool
  • as time passes by, check that the approach is still coherent with the firm values, its particularities and the issus it face
  • help in project management
  • support the teams on the ground